Coromandel Celebrant

Aroha Mai, Aroha Atu; Love Received, Love Returned.

As a Coromandel Celebrant, I celebrate diversity and simplicity. I support the growing trend for down-to-earth, creative weddings that are also affordable. Where friends and family pitch in and it is truly a community celebration. It is an honour to help craft ceremonies that are contemporary, joyous, true and real.

It is YOUR ceremony and I can help you by designing with you a wedding ceremony that you are happy with. We will take the time to communicate back and forth with draft scripts, tweaking and adapting the words until it feels just right.

There are also legal requirements that need to be met in the ceremony - The Asking, The Vows and The Pronouncement, but apart from that, the couple can decide on whatever readings, poems, symbolic unity rituals, and music that they prefer.

Through the music and the readings, the couple can involve their nearest and dearest family or friends in their marriage ceremony.

I will advise you on the practicalities of applying for your Marriage Licence and will ensure that it is delivered to the Registrar of Marriages after the ceremony.

I will guide you through the Rehearsal the day before the wedding. This is invaluable preparation that irons out any unforeseen details, as well as the "choreography" of where people will be positioned, so that your wedding ceremony is relaxed and perfect! All the thought and planning that has gone into your Big Day will mean it will be the blissful and joyous day of your dreams -marking the start of your new life together as a married couple. 

Why choose a trained Celebrant?

The Certificate of Celebrant Studies is a comprehensive training run by Mary Hancock and other experienced celebrants in Auckland , NZ.

The in- depth papers and practical workshops covered Ceremony Design, Legal and Business aspects, Ritual and Culture in our lives, and Practical Guidance to working as a Celebrant.

My background as a teacher, writer and singer has prepared me well to work in this area. It is a privilege to serve the community as a celebrant.

I am also a member of the Celebrants Association of New Zealand, which is the professional organisation that supports the work of celebrants, providing ethical and professional standards for celebrants to practice as well as on-going professional development opportunities.

We never stop learning!