Coromandel Celebrant

Aroha Mai, Aroha Atu; Love Received, Love Returned.

Your Wedding Vows & Readings

Saying your wedding vows to each other are the heart of your marriage ceremony and the most sacred moment. Vows can be traditional or original. Here is a link to a site that may give you ideas to help you write your own vows:


I have been a music teacher for many years and can help you with ideas for music , but most likely you will already know what songs or instrumental pieces you want to include in your wedding ceremony. There are three main places where music is needed: at the entrance of the bride, during the signing of the Marriage Licences, and at the exit procession of the newlyweds. Including live music or a song during the signing time is often enjoyed by all.

The exit procession can be more upbeat and celebratory, whereas the music for entrance of the bride can be more solemn and grand. Your choice of music will personalise your ceremony and uplift the emotional atmosphere reflecting your own culture and style.

Symbolic Unity Rituals

A symbolic ritual included in your ceremony adds a depth of meaning that connects with the timeless spiritual side of our beings. There are many examples of a unity ritual, derived from many different cultures, that are being used in the contemporary wedding. Here are a few examples: lighting of one candle from two; the exchange of roses: the blending of wines; the pouring together of two different coloured sands; hand fastening with ribbons and many more.